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Who: Any and all youth currently in grades 5-8.

When: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, 6-7:30pm

Where: HERE, at St. Paul's! We meet in the fellowship hall and in the CYCLE room, located in the downstairs hallway of our church.

What: Games, food, friends and time with Jesus. Servant events and mini lock-ins throughout the year.

In this time of many changes for our middle-schoolers, the world is telling them who to be and what to do. We want to emphasize to them with every chance we get that they are loved children of God and that they do not have to live to please their friends. We live to please God, and because of the incredible work of Jesus on the cross, we can know that He is already pleased with us. This gives us the freedom to be loved and to love others.

Good times with CYCLE