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Christ in Everything



Who: Any and all youth currently in grades 9-12. 

When: every Wednesday from 6:30-8pm

Where: HERE, at St. Paul's! We meet in our self-decorated CREW room located in the upstairs hallway of our church.

What: Food + friends + chillin' + games + Jesus. Once every other month (usually the third or fourth Wednesday) we engage in a service event.

CREW is a time to form positive, lasting relationships with other high school youth. On Wednesday nights, we begin with chill conversation (and some crazy stories), move to activities and games, and close out with some Jesus and time with the Bible.

Here, we remind our high school youth every week that CREW is a place where they are safe. High school comes with struggles, fights, confusion and stress. We want CREW to be a place where this stress can be diffused and forgotten, and where we remember that Jesus is the center of our lives and the reason for living. Not only does our life make more sense when we put Christ before all else, but we we are given a constant reminder that we are loved, special and Created for a purpose. CREW is a place where lasting friendships are formed and nurtured by a God that sincerely cares about our lives.

Good times with CREW