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How true can Christianity really be? In a culture where religion and "real life" often occur in completely different times and places, the question troubles many Christians. How can we give the reason for the hope that we have amid the many voices telling us that Christianity might be helpful or interesting, but not really "true" for anyone except Christians? Why should we ourselves bother with a religion so insubstantial that it is only legitimate within our own minds? People with real sins require a real savior, not merely inspiring stories and advice on how to live.

This class is intended to provide Christians with an introduction to the age-old practice of apologetics--the rational defense of Christianity as objective truth. It explores some of the most important issues on which the Church finds itself in conflict with today's culture through a combination of critical reasoning, evidence, and the law written on our hearts. By providing a philosophical foundation that is reasonable, a historical foundation that is factual, and a theological foundation that is Biblical, this class will help equip Christians to contend for their faith against the shallow and deceptive philosophies that seek to undermine it.

The class uses the book, As Though It Were Actually True: A Christian Apologetics Primerand is taught by the author.  It was written for the Christian layperson and is specifically intended to balance accessabilty and depth. It provides an introduction to apologetics without being a mere list of arguments and facts to memorize. It teaches one to think both Biblically and critically using common apologetic topics as examples, while still communicating important facts and information along the way. It is by no means the final word on apologetics, but is a great place for interested Christians to begin learning to defend their faith.    

Course Outline

Part I. Philosophy: Can Christianity Be True?
  • Faith and Reason
  • What is Truth?
  • Sin and Natural Law
  • The Existence of God
Part II. History: Is Christianity True?
  • The New Testament as History
  • Who Does Jesus Say That He Is?
  • The Bible: Jesus' Inerrant Teaching
  • The Genuine Gospel
Part III. Life: If Christianity is True.
  • Science vs. Christianity: The Root of the Problem
  • Abortion and Other Life Issues
  • Biblical Sexuality: Not So Strange
  • Christianity and Feminism
  • The Nature of Tolerance