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Cord Group Ministry

Cord Group Ministry

What is a cord group?

The term "cord group" comes from a Bible passage in Ecclesiastes 4 which quotes, "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." In this passage, we are reminded that two are better than one, because 1) one can help the other up if he falls, 2) so that greater work for the kingdom can be accomplished, and 3) so that we can more firmly stand against the devil and his schemes. The three-fold cord is significant, however, because these groups are formed on the basis of CHRIST. The third strand is God, and He is the source to enable those within the group to support one another and to find true peace in Christ.

The purpose of a cord group is...

  • NOT to complete a task
  • NOT to organize a ministry
  • To support those with common interests/needs
  • To grow spiritually with a group of supportive individuals
  • May entail food, activities, discussion, planned study or group time in the Word


The key of cord group ministry is the idea that we as the congregation of St. Paul's will find a place for everyone.

The goal of a cord group should be three-fold:

  1. To support one another
  2. To be supported
  3. To grow in a relationship with God by way of regular meetings

A cord group may be topic-based, book-based, curriculum-based, or formed for the purpose of pure support.

A list of cord groups may be located by the starred names on the "Small Groups" page.