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Fireside Bible Study

Our Current Topic: Families in Faith

You must not rely on the idea that the young people will learn and retain these things from the sermon alone.
-Martin Luther

How should Christians bring up their families in the Faith?  Jesus promised us that the world would hate us on his account; and in an age of mass media, we encounter--even consume--that contempt for God and his Word almost constantly.  Should we really expect one hour on Sunday mornings to counteract all of that?

We are blessed to commune at a faithful congregation and hear God's word preached rightly; but the Christian faith has always needed to be taught in our households as well. Whether that's parents teaching their children, grandparents their grandchildren, or spouses and siblings witnessing to one-another, our homes should be places where God's Word is both taught and lived.

That's a daunting task for every family--not only due to the constant demands of daily life, but also because our own understandings of our faith may be lacking in various ways.  But we have helps in this challenge--pieces of our heritage that were always there for us to pick up.  Martin Luther wrote two catechisms--the Small and the Large.  Though we may remember the Small Catechism primarily from Confirmation class, Luther always intended both of his catechisms to be "house books" rather than "church books."

Starting Sunday, September 8th, the Fireside Bible Study will be meeting to assist one-another in rising to this challenge.  We will be learning and deepening our own understandings of the faith by studying Luther's Large Catechism.  We will also provide a forum in which we can share and discuss the unique challenges we each face in presenting the Faith to our own households.  

Please join us between services in the Fireplace Room for this great opportunity to strengthen our faith and our homes!